Lots of dirty pictures!

Because I'm a perv and proud of it!

All right, so the most recent chapter I think deserves some behind the scenes info. Mostly, how it was done. These were just some shots I took because I was curious. I had an idea and wanted to see if it could be done.

Basically, I wondered if using the OMSPs, I could make it look like one sim was sitting on the lap of the other sim. Well, then somehow that moved into "what if they're naked?" And there was probably some snickering.

Anyway, enough of me, some actual pictures.

First, I pulled out the picnic basket, my go to prop. Then I had them both sit down. I moved the sims off the blanket, and Kyrene is actually sitting on a couple of low fancy OMSPs. In order to get Kyrene's hands moved though, I had to get her to chat with Alex first before I put her on the OMSPs because once they're on the OMSPs, things get a little weird.

I loved this shot. She's just talking, but she looks a little sad-- yes I'm going with sad. This is not the first time I've caught an oddly sad look on her face (which is super odd since she's not posed, she's just talking).

The shot of Alex tipping her over is actually them on the couch.

Full shot:

Actual shot:

Kyrene is once again on a fancy OMSP. Using the Chaos Mod Painting, I had Kyrene do the "bored to death" animation, so she would fall flat, and I told Alex to take a nap, and then it was just a matter of timing.

I'm really just trying to push Photobucket now. I'm almost daring them, lol.

Okay, so this was actually my second shot at making dirty pictures. These two were the subject of another photoshoot that was a spur of the moment what if thing, and I don't foresee using them, so I'll present them here.

You have to use your imagination for these. These pics are also highly suggestive, but I think they would be the sort to be heightened with some text.

I imagine that she searches him out, probably finding him with a small group. It doesn't take much to get him alone. Her smile is promise enough. They probably seek out an abandoned room in one of the abandoned buildings. He hikes her up, kissing her, sliding his hand under her skirt as she wraps her legs around him, throwing her arms around her shoulder. And well...

The first three are just them making out with her on OMSPs.

The fourth shot (with him between her legs), Kyrene is actually doing the Party Animal idle, y'know where they throw their hands in the air? And then she's on an OMSP to line her up. Alex is doing one of the amorous animations, the one where he wraps his hands over someone's waist. I sort of liked the line up for that shot, but hated that he wasn't doing anything.

The last two are just amorous hugs, Kyrene also on OMSPs so it looks like he's lifting her up.

So that's pretty much it. Just involves a weird idea, and some play testing. I think that's enough dirty pictures of these two, not that either of these two would mind. You'll just have to imagine the dirty pictures yourself!

I just needed to

Well, this I felt I needed to do. We have company over, so I feel like my normal level of focus (which is bad) is REALLY bad. So I'm reading, but not able to come up with good comments because my brain is lazy.

So I've mentioned that along with my nerdy love of office supplies, I seem to have a love for downloading office furniture for Sims which is silly. No one in Ruin even has an office. But then somewhere along the way, someone (I think Laura or Carla) mentioned Henri would probably have an office.

And then I realized, yes he probably would. And Carla is right, it probably would be dirty and dusty but full of stuff.

I'm no decorator, but here it is. At least what I have so far.

I imagine that he basically would have taken over a room that already had the furniture in it. He hasn't really added much to the place. The type writer was probably where the computer is now, and when he got the computer he just moved it out of the way without caring enough to clear out the space.

Oh the computer? Well, I think, if things go as planned, we'll get to that. It is definitely meant to be an anomaly. I don't think Henri can actually use it very well himself. Probably he can do basic things on it, but he doesn't really use it very often.

If anything, this is a room he uses to hide out in and ponder things. Jimmy and Brandon would know about it and know that if he's in here, they should probably redirect anyone looking for him. Probably only Jimmy would be able to enter the room to talk to Henri, and even then I see him appearing with a small smile and the expectation that Henri would be a little grumpy for being disturbed.

So this made me think about Paula's room too, from before.

I think that side table was something she meant to do herself. She probably bought it herself with money she made from a part time job and with the intent that she'd paint it and make it something of her own. It's supposed to be her desk, but she pretty much just started putting stuff on it, and slowly it started to get covered in a mound of stuff.

But it was her first "big" purchase. (Probably only $20 from a garage sale, and then the offer of a favor for which ever friend brought the truck.)

I actually see her as being very normal and friendly in her old life. A regular student, probably gets mostly A & Bs, except in math, which absolutely stumps her.

I wanted to have a personal touch in her room, of course. Which meant that before I could stage Paula's bedroom picture, I had to stage some other pictures with Paula and a younger version of her mother.