Listing of Hacks

Listing of Hacks
(Updated 6/1/2011 for Generations)

Twallan's Hacks In particular: Master Controller, The Animator, and The Story Progression
Pregnancy Length (set for nine days) Not working with Generations currently
No Martial art clothes (Includes a mod for no work clothes-- tempting!)

Lighting Hacks (choose one only of course)
Outdoor light tweaks v1.5 by dDefender (This is the one I am using)
Outdoor Light Overhaul

EA Face Overlay Fix (I use it to get rid of the default overlay lips. Much better faces!)
Asian Skins by 234jiao
Odd socks (because my socks don't match in real life, why should my sims?)
Hi-Res Moon

Less coughing choking
Autonomous Gardening (which includes less hygiene loss)
Jonha's new CAS sliders (hips, bust, butt, etc.)
More Height Sliders in testing (Includes shorter)
No Pregnancy Chime
Carpool disabler
Cooking on Community lots
Buy Take Out and Order Food at Restaurants
Scribbling Pad (Allows for writing of reports and novels the old fashioned way)

Adds to play:

The Working Sim's Bed
Shop from Inventory (To make Ambitions shops more like OFB from TS2. One word: AWESOME!)

Modded Objects:
Statue of Life
Money Bags (To give sims in the same household separate funds in case one is only a renter or something like that)
Rabbit Hole Rugs

Story stuff:
No Camera Fade
Aikea's Camera Mod
Buyable fire
Tiny Texture Replacers by HystericalParoxysm (I don't use them all, but it's handy she's put them in one package and one post with links to all the replacers)
Vanishing script by Buzzler. **You need the script and an object that takes advantage of the scrip.
Invisible furniture by me (Sometimes I actually come in handy)
The Relativity (To slow time down. Good for story picture taking.)
Fancy, stackable OMSPs (Sims can be placed on these)

Haven't tested these with Generations. It's possible these no longer work with the latest updates. :(
Chaos Carrier

Currently testing

More Waking Hours
No Excitable Idles

The Multi Owner's Door Version 2 (like the dorm room door in TS2's Uni)
Lot Sizes Mod

Not needed, but you never know!
Less Hygiene decay and more fun from gardening (not needed with the auto gardening mod)
Extra Sliders
Autonomous Teen Woohoo (not needed with latest Woohooer from Twallan)
No Uniforms to work

Out of date, but possibly still handy for those not up to date
Autonomous Repairs (Out of date as of WA and not being updated)
Delphy's Height Slider (this one only makes taller, Johna has a better version of this mod broken into pieces)
Chaos Mod Painting (NOT updated for LN! Try Twallan's Animator)
Absimiliard Realistic Aging (Not needed with Generations since you can set the length of each stage)
aWT's Slider Hack (Use only if you aren't using Awesome mod.)

Clean up Sims 3 Packs


T.Irwin said...

If I could star this as a favorite entry, I would. Instead, I've emailed myself the link to refer back to it when I need it. Thanks!!

The Lunar Fox said...

You're welcome. Yeah, I'll definitely add to this as I find cool things. And use this when I'm needing to update.

celebkiriedhel said...

Thanks for this LunarFox. I've just downloaded all these hacks.

I'm working on starting up a TS3 hood to tell a story, and until I read your story, and saw this post I didn't think it could be done like it could in TS2.

I'll be continuing to watch your posts for more good ideas!


The Lunar Fox said...

Well I'm glad to have inspired. I find working with TS3 as a new medium is fun because there's a lot of new ground to cover.

Feel free to stop by Valley Sun Sims for more inspiration. Also, there's a lot of knowledgeable folks there for TS2 & 3 as well as some good stories.

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