Whenever I need inspiration

I make sims. Or at least, TS3 sims. I have never enjoyed making sims so much before. Something about the puddingness of TS3 makes the sims really appealing to me. Like I can reach out and pinch their little cheeks.

So the other night I made this guy here. He'll make an appearance in Ruin at some point (as a random background character, nothing more), but he's content to hang out and wait. True to his character, he's patient and rather laid back. He doesn't talk much, but he does smile a lot so he appears friendly at least.

I loved that thread where Stacy/Medlymisty asked about obsession. Yeah, been there. I don't usually talk about it though. Never outloud to anyone. I don't gush about the characters or even talk about them, which I guess is good because I hope that makes you want to read. XD

But I do get obsessed with characters of mine and I want to know more. The only way I know how is to look at their lives and dig. Generally, I start with the present, then hop into the past. I basically decide that I want to know what is going on with this character.

Recently, I had an old character appear out of no where and completely disobey me until he had to be written into the story. (Thanks dude.) This one here sort of waved his hand, "Aw, you don't wanna know more about me." Yes, yes I would. "Nah, it's okay."

But I got really really curious then. Why's he being so coy and mysterious?

Then I saw a scene where this guy was talking to one of the characters from Michael & Edith's story. And this new third character appeared out of no where. Truthfully, I don't know that I want her to be a part of his story. I worry that I repeat themes too much and I'll get stuck on the same one over and over again.

But then I stop and think, "Well, so what?" My story, my world, right? If this is his story, his secret that I somehow stumbled upon, well then that should be that.

Things about him that I know: His blond hair and blue eyes stand out. There aren't a lot of blonds in my world. He is friendly; it's disarming. He's dangerous and has a lot of status in both the Wildlands and the Neutral Territory. So he's one of my few characters who gets to dress nicely.

Which makes me realize that I need more nice clothes for males. My trusted sites don't have much it seems. Of course, I can also use some nice hairs for males. I seem to like hair that falls into faces.

She is utterly human. No powers, though I imagine she has an artistic streak she's never been able to mine, so it's hidden even from her. She's quiet, but curious about the things around her. There are a lot of things she knows she doesn't know and couldn't imagine, but she will do what she has to. She has a strong sense of responsibility and is thankful for whatever she has.

I can definitely see a story. (geeze, can't I always?) Don't know what to do with these side stories. There aren't usually many as most end up getting absorbed into the main story. Maybe, if things work out, I might start a separate blog or something for the side stories that are separate from the main. I have to admit, I sort of hate doing that. That gets messy. I'm not nearly organized enough.