More World Adventures

They started out the morning early. Henri was nice enough to make french toast. While in China.

"Seriously? French toast? Isn't that, like, a slap in the faces of the Chinese? And you're using chop sticks? Seriously?"

He's used to ignoring her by now having to take a lot of test shots with her already. Besides, at least she isn't talking about the red sparkles anymore. Though she still gets a moodlet from him every time she glances at him. WHich is gross, she's 16 and he's close to 50 now.

So he thought he'd take her into one of the ruins. (As something of a reward for NOT mentioning the stupid sparkles.) She's not exactly the bravest. Every sound made her jump.

Though she did get a hang of it after a while. Even stuck her hand in some of the holes in the walls to help him look for secret switches.

She won't be doing that again for a while.

It seemed she needed some toughening up. And Henri sim is the perfect one to do it.

"Uh, like this? Maybe this would work better if I had some proper gym clothes on. I might feel, like, fiercer or something."

It took some time. A lot of yelling on his part. Finally, she was worthy of the white belt.

It seems that when given the white belt, you're also taught exactly how to pose and look awesome with it.

"Did you get the picture with the camera? I wanna put that up on my wall. You didn't? What were you doing?"

Practicing. I told you, he's rather used to ignoring her by now.

If he wasn't sparkling, this would be a fantastic shot!

Fun trivia (so I think): the draw distance on my game is always set to short/minimum because I can't build my world yet. I don't want you to see that Michael and Edith actually live on a hill looking over a "village" that's supposed to be miles away, or that the Southlands is actually just one street in the middle of green rolling hills.

Anyway, I mention that because of the mist in the background of that last shot.

New body sliders!

For the curious, because this is awesome! (I am not using any slider hacks at the moment.)

Here we have bust and height. (This is the tallest you can go without a slider hack. With a slider hack, it appears to get dicey and deformed. The one on the left is a regular sized sim. No slider for shorter yet.)


Small bust and butt.

Here compare:

Both are the same at the least in thickness and least in muscle tone, but one has less booty and less bust, sort of hard to tell at this thickness.

Can also do this to the men even.

Oh and there is a waist slider. Just don't have a lot of time to mess with this until this weekend or tonight after I take a nap. XD

I know a couple of sims who can use some fixing!

Where to get right now (both are still in testing):

Height sliders
Body sliders

World Adventures Featuring

Henri Smith of course. Because of all the characters of Ruin, he would SO be a world adventurer.

Look, he's even sparkling with excitement.

Why is he really sparkling? I think it's because I tried out the "man candy" lifetime aspiration reward. Yeah, nice, but uh no. I'll have to wait on that one until someone (I'm going to bet HP at MTS) makes a replacement texture for that. Even if the sparkles glow red.

Some pics from the underground:

This pic in particular is awesome. Know why? Because he's soaked, and the water is dripping off him. For about an hour or so game time, he dripped water everywhere and left puddles if he stood somewhere too long. Somehow, I will find a way to use that effectively.

I didn't get a chance to play long enough last night. We just made it through one underground catacomb. Which was awesome. Until I realized that the catacombs will never change unless I change them. So after we explore all of the catacombs, I'll probably never do it again.

Oh well. I mostly got this for the extra animations. In particular the fighting animations which will probably come in handy soon.

Oh and for the basement tool. There is one tribe that was supposed to live underground, and I would love to see if with the new basement tool I can appropriately do that. I suppose I can make a structure above ground and make it look like it's underground, but that somehow didn't seem as fun a challenge.