I don't know what she did...

...but Mary totally upset Brandon's family and got kicked out of his house. Oddly, between her and Jimmy, he's the mean spirited one that always insults people including his brother, yet she gets tossed out.

That's Melissa kicking her out. Before that it was Melissa's little sister who had an issue. I suppose it's a glitch, but still pretty funny. Sweet Mary causing a ruckus! Look out!

I just adore than an entire family can go for a visit. Here's Jimmy taking little Kaya over to Brandon's.

Here's the little family before Kaya aged up.

Here is Kaya aged up.

Still hard to tell who she looks like, but she has Mary's eye color, and it looks like Jimmy's nose.

Their life is a little too peaceful. It's very nice to play. Mary is an author, but she also takes a lot of photographs. I've been having a lot of fun with that, and she makes quite a bit of money at the consignment shop I've added to Coconut Island. She's the bread winner of the family, that's for sure. Jimmy comes in handy to fix stuff and cook.

I've been having the most fun with Ambitions starring:

Yep, Paula as...

...a ghost buster. Okay, this is the dramatic shot she asked me to use. Really, she spends a lot of time chatting up ghosts now-a-days, reassuring them that their loved ones are okay and then convincing them to move on. And every so often, she breaks out the zapper and zaps them or gets into a little fight. (So far she's won all her fights.)

Paula lives with Mitchell who's an inventor which means he gets to blow up stuff for scrap!

Blowing up toilets that clog constantly is so much more efficient than actually fixing them. It's also a great stress reliever. He often gets the urge to blow up plumbing that doesn't work perfectly, but he doesn't often get to blow them up. (Paula threatens to turn her zapper on him if he doesn't behave. Someone's gotta keep these inventors in line.)

So for fun, I sent them down to the salon where Paula got her first tattoos and Mitchell got a make over.

The neat part is that this actually unlocks some new clothes, so there is an actual incentive to do this other than the moodlet. I sort of wish we could choose their clothes though. Paula also got a make over, but we hated it so there are no pics of that. (Seriously, even she didn't seem impressed!)

Paula apparently got bored while Mitchell and the stylist were talking. So she autonomously grabbed someone and offered to do a make over.

Surprisingly this is the outfit she started out with, not the one Paula put on her.

I can't remember what Paula put her in, but it was comparable to this. She was not happy. I didn't see the problem personally. I also didn't get a picture.

This is the stylist. Who wouldn't want him to tell them how to dress?

Paula loved her tattoos so much, she had the want to get another one. Somehow, it seems she made Mitchell think he wanted one too. So I had them head to the salon again, but it was too late.

This was when I learned that after about 6pm or so, everyone goes home and the shops close. Well, they came all the way into town, so Paula was not about to leave without getting or giving a tattoo.

"Sit," she said.

"What? Oh no, no no."


Some dealing must have gone on. I wonder if at this point she agreed to let him blow up one piece of plumbing. I think he's just much too nice to really say no convincingly.

Yeah; he didn't really stand a chance, I'm sure.

He got some tattoos all right. Nothing that he could really show off to anyone, of course. Then to add insult to injury, Paula broke the chair, and Mitchell fixed it.

He figured it was best to stay on the good side of the tattoo artist who he'd ask to remove Paula's work.

Here you can see some of her "work." I think Mitchell has learned a very valuable lesson in a very painful way.


Laura said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun! That picture of Paula with the sunglasses, lol! LOVE IT!!! :)

Poor Mary, getting kicked out, lol! What a nice life, making a living off of writing and pictures, and having a handsome handy husband at home!

And awww, Kaya is adorable! Will they have any more? How many does Brandon have in this alternate reality?

The Lunar Fox said...

It's a super nice life to make money off of the writing and picture taking. Picture taking is also SO much fun. I've kept some of their adventures and used them to decorate the house. And having a handsome and handy husband at home, lol. Well, I guess that's why I have their life span on epic-- it's just too much fun to pop in and play them.

One day, Jimmy rolled the want to have a child with Mary. And she pretty much always has the want to have another kid, so I do see more children in their future!

And Brandon already has three so far, but not because of story progression. That was just an older version of his family I created because I wanted to see how their genetics played out.

Carla said...

Was Mary using their stuff or something? I find that if my Sims get kicked out, it's either because they're being asses or because they're using the other Sims' things.

You're the only besides me who's had the crappy tattoos! No one at N99 seemed to know what I was talking about when I asked about it!

You know I put Mary in my hood (except she's named Eliza and lives with her sister Bethany) and I can't remember what traits I gave her but mine ended up as a writer as well.

Kaya is so cute! I love that new toddler/child hair - I only just noticed it last night. I've said it before but I love getting a glimpse into this alternate reality!

The Lunar Fox said...

As far as I know, she wasn't. I was eying the crib, but she wasn't friendly enough with anyone in the household, so I was having her work on that, lol. So I think she was just being disagreeable or something. Tsk tsk!

I didn't really notice the crappy tattoos at first either. They don't seem to stand out! But he has one on his wrist in the shot where he's blowing up the toilet. I think it was around then that I noticed he had those stupid tattoos. Doesn't Paula look evil in the shot where she broke the chair after messing up his tattoos?

To play the alternate reality is so much fun! I use the closest traits I can and play them through so in a way, their alternate selves are their base selves if they lived in a normal world.

I know, I only noticed that hair when Kaya aged up.

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