TS3 lighting

So I thought that I was already using a lighting mod in my game, but apparently I was not. Laura reminded me about it, and then Tamo brought it up again in her blog post.

So I thought I would update my mod and found I didn't have one. Oops! Let me tell ya, the mods actually make all the difference.

Take for instance the chapter from the week before last. Night time and fire, what could go wrong? But it seemed too bright to me.

This is the original shot.

Here is what it would've looked like if I'd had the lighting mod in.

Makes me want to retake those pictures!

I'm using the darker version of the mod. I want my nights pitch black. In the Wildlands, even though there are buildings, there really aren't many lights except for fires from pits, bonfires and oil lamps. Probably a few other ingenious inventions floating around.

This doesn't affect the indoor lights too much. But the windows do appear darker which makes a big difference. Before I was desperately trying to hide that the rabbit holes I was using for decoration actually have lights. Now it's really not noticeable except for the marquee on the movie theater.

Also, this mod affects the light at sunset, the fog, over cast and stormy. This will either be really awesome or a pain to work with. Generally, it' nice to have consistency from picture to picture. If it starts out sunny, I'd like it to stay sunny. I'm pretty sure the Relativity mod will prevent things from changing at all when I don't want them to though.

Also, I added a new default hi-res moon which is gorgeous. It probably won't be seen very often, but still, I like knowing it's there looming over us.


Illandrya said...

I love the effect of the new lighting mod! It looks like Jimmy is lit by fire rather than some artificial light source (which is, of course, what you wanted). I've also started using a lighting mod recently (the sunsets are gorgeous), but am finding that it plays havoc with the whites of their eyes at times, making my sims look like aliens :(

Laura said...

Oh I love this! Yes, the pitch black looks awesome!!! OMG, this is going to make your story so much more scary though! *bites nails* lol! :)

The Lunar Fox said...

Illandrya, oooh really? I'm going to have to play more often to get a feel for the mod then. Making funny eye whites would not be cool! Is that around sunset when their eyes look weird? Do you have any pictures?

Laura, I know, isn't that awesome! LOL! That was actually my exact same thought last night as I was playing around and scoping out the town. It is a little frightening to play in. Oh I can't wait, lol.

Illandrya said...

Unfortunately it seems I dumped all the screenies with the weird eyes, but you can kind of see it in this one of Fiona. It seems to happen when they are outside at night under artificial light, the whites go grey, sometimes almost black. But then I've used the balanced one, not the darker one, so you might get a different effect.

Rachel said...

Oh my...I struggle with lighting at night all the time, so this would be awesome for me! I might wait until after installing Late Night to get it, though...but the difference is amazing! Much more realistic. I end up lightening the pictures in photoshop at night, and sometimes it works well and other times it's awful...but this could really help!

Carla said...

Oh, wow! It really makes a difference, doesn't it? It's much more atmospheric, especially for a story like Ruin.

I find the nighttime in TS3 is just too blue, even though I'm just playing and not trying to go for any particular mood. It just doesn't look right, lol! But I'll confess I never really noticed until I saw the lighting mod. ;)

The Lunar Fox said...

Illandrya, ew! Well that's good to know. I'll keep an eye out. Maybe I'll even try and replicate that weird glitch.

Rachel, I know, it's amazing the difference, isn't it? I've had them in before, but I don't remember the difference being so huge before.

Carla, yes, atmospheric is the word. It definitely give it an eerie feel.

The night times in TS3 are too blue. It doesn't look right. I never really bothered with it or thought about. And in this case, I thought I had the mod in. But I think I remember taking it out because I thought it was behind one of the glitches with light where it wouldn't go past the lot line. (It's an issue that was actually made by a patch and later on fixed with a patch. Oops, EA!)

KnightDevil~♥ said...

I'm looking for this for so long, thanks for the information :D

The Lunar Fox said...

You're welcome. ^__^

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