Test pictures

So I've mentioned before that after I create a character, I give them a test run in the sim world to see how well they match up with the character I see in my head. Some come out perfectly the first time, and some I have to edit quite a bit.

Pat is one of those that came out fully formed, perfectly. While looking for pictures of her body, I ran across the original test shots I ran her through after I made her. These were also Brandon's test shots as an adult.

But, of course, it wasn't until these pictures below that I was absolutely SURE I had them down perfectly.

Love LOVE this shot, because it looks like he's trying to cajole her into doing something. I would bet he does this to her from time to time when they're alone, just the two of them. They aren't often alone, not if Pat has her way. But if he stops by when they're cleaning up or closing, I can see Rita (Pat's mom) excusing herself and taking Melissa with her. (I think she'd make it very obvious that she was leaving them alone, and she'd invite Melissa in on this very obvious not so secret secret. I can imagine Melissa giggling about it even if she isn't completely sure what is going on and needs her grandmother to explain it to her which would bring up some awkward questions from Melissa later I'm sure.)

And of course, he wins here. Did she ever really have a chance?

Kyrene was made at the same time, and so Brandon was also used for her test shots.

Kyrene's first try. So not her. It was her eyes, so I sent her back to CAS.

What I love about Kyrene's sim is how expressive her face is. She can look dangerous, sultry, and sad with very little facial movements.


Rachel said...

Gorgeous shots. You know how envious I am of your Sim-making abilities. :)

Illandrya said...

Oh my, Brandon and Pat just look absolutely perfect for each other! After those shots, it looks like his interaction with Kyrene is just play - it is Pat he cares for even if neither of them will admit it. Fantastic shots; like Rachel, I am envious of your ability to create such unique characters and have their personalities reflected in their skin as well as their actions.

Carla said...

I always love looking at your Sims and hearing about the process of making them, testing them out and thinking about their characters. You leave no stone unturned.

Kyrene especially is such a great looking Sim! Those eyes! They make her look so sly, and yes, I can see how they could portray sadness, sultriness and danger too. She's a versatile Sim.

The Lunar Fox said...

Thanks guys. :)

As far as I'm concerned, Brandon and Pat are perfect for each other. But it's not Brandon who has trouble admitting that.

And Kyrene is just play for him after seeing him with Pat. Which actually makes me feel bad for Kyrene a bit.

Christina said...

hehehe @ test runs.

i never thought of doing that..but its a good idea. it's unbearably true that they look especially different outside of CAS, especially in TS2.

Kyrene has a great look about her, pure sultriness indeed.

The Lunar Fox said...

Hey Christina, sorry I'm so late to comment, but yeah, test runs are the best way to do it. I need to see how they move and sometimes I get inspiration from silly things they do. Like after actually seeing Pat and Brandon, I could see their story better.

lol, thanks.

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