Dear Sims 3,

I have to admit I haven't even fired up the game in a very long time. I apologize, but I'm not exactly sure what in the world I want to do with you!

Collecting is sort of annoying. AND sometimes you sims seem to have issues with time management. AND listening. But men look like men, and sims can be portly or thick or strong.

So I decided I would fire up the game last night and try my hand at designing sims with an idea in mind. There is possibly a very weird and unique story that could come out of this if you stop being a Prema Donna, Sims 3.


So, inspired by Marooned on Tuesday, I've decided to give Sims 3 a shot as a story telling vehicle. I wasn't really playing it for the game very much. And I really don't care what the heck happens to the sims I was playing. I really can't seem to bond to them. (Sorry Agnes, and Varina, and Amberle 2!)

So last night I made a group of four sims-- three teens and one kid (thank you Awesome Mod). In front here is Edith. She's a good sim, a natural cook, and some other stuff that I can't remember. Oops. I should take some notes.

Edith and co. live in a world that is most definitely not ours. And it's definitely not Riverview or Sunset Valley (though technically they are living in Riverview right now). It's one I started working on when I was in high school free writing for fun. Trying to recreate it with Sims 3 is going to prove difficult, but I am more than willing to change my ideas around for the game. Somehow the game and I will have to compromise!

But good pretty characters can kind of be boring. So I do need some pretty not good characters too.

That's "Michael." He doesn't really have a name, that's just what Edith's always called him. He is a mean spirited Genius who is very charismatic. That was sort of Edith's downfall. That and the fact that she's a good person.

Once I made them all, I was excited to get them in the house and see how they would react. Would Michael act the way the character in my head does?

I am happy to report that he really does. Being mean spirited and charismatic, his conversations seemed to bounce around. He spent some time talking nicely with her and then he would make faces like this:

He made fun of good people to her, which made her feel like a blockhead and gave him a little smirk.
But he seemed sorry about it. They're supposed to be friends after all, and she looked really insulted. (I didn't notice if he got a good moodlet for it.)

Anyway, there are a lot of other issues right now with the whole story (things I will have to change and elements that make no sense when jumping in), but it promises to be an interesting project for me to test my creativity and to test what can and can't be done with the game. I'm seriously giving it a good go, deleting houses and things like mad. Adding in my own sims and all that.

Of course, one problem I forgot for my actors being so young-- they still have to go to school five days out of the week. That cracks me up when I consider what Michael is supposed to be. He's really too smart for school. But there are penalties if they don't go it seems. And I haven't found any hacks yet for no school.


Monday Morning said...

Oh! I'm so excited for you! I hope your story pans out. It may not seem like there is a lot you can do to change Sunset Valley and Riverview, there are still ways to make it feel completely different. I've found that there are some really neat lots on MTS, and there's fun to be had with the moveobjects on+alt cheat.

Do you have/use Awesome mod? I haven't updated mine, but there is a configure tool that goes with it, that may allow for no school. I know my teens can stay out after curfew now. ;)

I'm so glad that my little story has inspired you! I look forward to seeing what you come up with and accomplish with your game!

Laura said...

Oh, yay! I'm excited to see what you come up with. I wouldn't be the least bit interested in collecting things either, lol! But then, there are aspects of that in Sims 2 that I ignore (collecting vacation memories, bugs...).

I'm glad they're acting the way you imagined they would. That's going to be one of my biggest issues, I think, if I want to try to translate any of my beloved characters into Sims 3.

But oooh, mean-spirited, genius, and charismatic! That is a great combination! He could rule the world with that! I can totally see Edith, being good, getting sucked up in him!

I can't wait to see what you do with this! I'm really interested to see how much people can make things their own with this game. Maybe someday I'll even play it myself, lol!

The Lunar Fox said...

It never seemed like there was much to be done with the pre-made hoods, but your story has show that with some movie magic, one really can make their own little world. I was doing a lot of testing shots and setting up lots and pre-arranging relationships ahead of time. Still have a lot of playing to do before I think I'll be ready.

I checked awesome mod, but I'm going to re-check it and make sure that I have it adjusted for maximum control.

And your story is amazing. I'm telling as many people as I know about it. ^__^

Laura, I was just thinking about that. There are aspects of Sims 2 that I never explored either-- like getting to the top of the careers and all that stuff. So it seems there will just be some aspects of Sims 3 that I won't completely accomplish.

LOL! "He could rule the world with that!" So you see where I'm possibly heading already. ;)

Sullivan Sims said...

Well, you know I'll be following! Michael and Edith seem like interesting Sims but I'm curious what's drawn them together. They're friends but they seem like polar opposites. I'm looking forward to meeting the other two Sims as well. Is that a glimpse of one of them in the background of the first pic?

The Lunar Fox said...

Thanks, Carla. It is going to be a weird story, so I have to think how best to tell it. Their friendship is complicated, as is the relationship with the rest of the house.

That is a glimpse of one of the others in the house in that first pic. (I call her Melanie-- which was originally supposed to be a place holder name because of my other Melanie in my Sims 2 blog.)

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