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Interesting! Now I see what Morning Monday was talking about when she mentioned that sims move their head during pause. Originally that totally creeped me out that sims would move once I've paused. But I didn't realize how awesome it can be.

While Sims are hugging, I can turn on move objects, grab them, hold down alt to turn off the grid, and reposition them. Their arms move naturally, their eyes and their heads even reposition themselves. Very nifty!

They still make some uber creepy faces. Sometimes if I reposition them weirdly, their eyes roll up into their heads. And there isn't a way to make sims taller outside of aging them up.

Oh, and there isn't a reliable way to age sims down. That's a tip to anyone wanting to use TS3 to tell a story. I used Awesomemod's edit sim feature to age a couple of sims down, then had to reset sim 3 times until they looked normal. Pescado does warn that he won't offer support for it.

The other semi-nice part to not having memories is that there is less to screw up. I can copy and replace sims all I want so far as I know. I can have two of the same sims in a neighborhood or more accurately save file.

Another weird thing I've noticed while trying to get things set up, the gap between child and teen is huge! Especially since I don't know of a way to stretch the skeleton. Teens look more like adults.

Anyway, I won't show any of the test shots. I'm still working on the story, so I don't know where it will go or if I'll need those shots. So I'll just leave off with this one as a tribute to Laura because of course the first thing I did was make two sims hold hands.


Laura said...

Awww!!! Yay for Sim hand-holding! :)

I'm glad you all are testing this out - it should be nicely ironed out by next year when I'm ready to jump on board, lol!

The head and arm moving thing sounds interesting. I can imagine that would be handy, and at the same time, annoying when you didn't want it to happen.

I NEED a stretch skeleton cheat though! I am way too attached to my gradual aging thing to let go of that. No way could I go back to jumping straight from 6 to 16 again.

I can't wait to see what you're working on! Will you give it its own blog when you're ready?

Monday Morning said...

Ah, I love the moveobjects on cheat! And I love that, unlike TS2, you can position sims together (like your hand-holding pic ^) without them going wonky and hovering above the other sim on their backside!

I was really creeped out at first when my sims continued to move after pausing the game. I thought at first my eyes were playing tricks on me, and then I really paid attention. It can be really nice, but also annoying, as Laura said. But it's just a matter of playing with them and getting them to do your bidding--I mean, act on their own... >_>" (I don't torture my sims, I swear!)

I haven't really done much in the way of AwesomeMod, so I've no idea how the aging down works. The only thing around this issue I can see is to save your sim to the bin(where all sims you make go) and then go back into CAS and age them down, and then resave them into the bin. I have at least four sets of Clarissa's (two in the regular SV, and two in the empty SV by Flabiliki (sp??) from MTS). You wouldn't believe the amount of Rex Lucciano's I have roaming about. Yummy! ;)

The Lunar Fox said...

I will say that the head moving has proven to be more interesting than annoying. It's pretty fun to play with. Of course I have been annoyed because their heads kept repositioning after I thought I'd manage to catch a good shot.

More aggravating is the lack of stretch-skeleton. They do a horribly large jump from kid to teen. On the plus side, with Awesomemod, you can edit the sim in CAS, so for story purposes, I would just make a sim thicker or thinner depending on age. I'd imagine that a 13 or 14 year old wouldn't be as built as Michael is in that above pic. (And he's still on the lighter end in both thickness and muscle mass.)

Of course, then there's the problem for a sim who's meant to be willowy like Edith. I can't make her any skinnier, so if I want a younger version of her but not a child version of her, I'd have to get a little creative to make her look younger.

And if I do get the story to where I like it enough, I will be making another journal for it. I sort of hate doing that, but I think it would be called for. I'd want to put up the mature warning. And this story would require a darker layout.

Monday Morning, I will say that is a plus side to Sims 3 over Sims 2. Sims 2 it can be done, but requires the invisi-tray from OFB, so it's still a lot more work than it is with TS3.

I feel sort of bad for my simmies. I'm totally manipulating their emotions to pull certain reactions from them just so I can mess with positioning them. I've become one of those people killing off sims for fun.

But this has very much made me get into TS3. Taking pictures is actually proving to be pretty fun, despite limitations.

Mmmm... Rex. The thought of all those extras is actually kind of funny. Sims 2, you wouldn't do that, but with this game it's so much easier to deal with the sims in some ways.

Carla said...

I'm excited to find out what you have planned!

When I read there were no memories in TS3, the fact that you obviously couldn't have corrupted memories was about the only advantage I could think of! I've been playing it as a game, rather than a storytelling device and the lack of memories is annoying in that respect.

The Lunar Fox said...

I'm excited that it seems to be working out so I might be able to post it soon! Hopefully. I've got the beginning and possibly the ending, now I'm working to fill in all the inbetween.

I agree that as a game playing aspect, it is really annoying. That's possibly why I simply can't get attached to my sims. When I wander off to play another and I come back, stuff has changes and I have no idea why. Once sims lose the moodlet, it's like it never happened.

Anonymous said...

The creepy head-turn-on-pause is inconvenient when, like me, you hit pause to take screenshots instead of just taking them. I'll see a perfect shot, then pause and LOSE it because of the extra movement. Annoying. And definitely creepy!

Interesting point about the ability it gives you to move them while in build mode, though... I hadn't tried that.

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